Galluk was a Human Sorcerer of Faltra City's Mage's Association.


He had a thin body that looked like a wire.


He was high strung and arrogant. He is racist against the demi-human races.


He first appears as one of Celestine Baudelaire's guards when she visited Rem Galleu and her companions at the Peace of Mind Inn. At the inn's Bar, he glared angrily at Diablo for putting a slave collar on Rem, and misunderstood that Diablo was being uncooperative.

Later that night, after getting drunk with other members, they ran into Diablo. He picked a fight with him and summoned his Summon, a level 30 Salamander and attacked Diablo. He was surprised that he wasn't hurt and had the others also call out their Summons to help fight. He was then astonished that Diablo defeated his Salamander with a physical strike and blasted away the others' Summons with a single elemental attack. In disbelief, he asked what he was and Diablo tells him that he was a Demon Lord from another world.

The next day, he wanted revenge against him and concocted a plan. He told the Elf Celsior, that Shera was enslaved by slave merchant and he made a request under the name of the Mage's Association to get materials from a Madra Snake in the Man-Eating Woods hoping that Diablo's group would take it and the Elves would take him out. Unfortunately for him, Diablo was too strong and defeated the Elves and freezing the forest. Having followed them to see it through, he was forced out of his hiding spot revealing himself. He reprimanded the Elves for being so weak and tried to blame them for the plan but was reprimanded by Rem for using the Mage's Association's name for his own purposes. He then ran off away from them. Later that day he was fired from the Mage's Association.


He was a low-level Human Summoner Sorcerer.


  • Salamander: A level 30 Fire attribute Summon. Its special ability is a ranged fire attribute attack called <<Flame Breath>> that gives the bad status <<Burn>>.


Celestine Baudelaire

She was his superior in the Mage's Association.

Rem Galleu

He holds her in high regard due to Celestine's approval of her.


He doesn't like him.