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Horn is a Grasswalker adventurer whom Diablo's group met in Zircon Tower City.


She has quirky short hair. All Grasswalkers look like children, but Horun actually is just a preteen. She lied about her age in order to earn money as an adventurer.


She prefers to be called a 《Seeker》 instead of a 《Thief》 despite being raised and learned her craft from a 《Thief》.


She is one of three siblings. When she was younger, she and her two little sisters were separated from their parents. Almost immediately, they were pick-up by a Thief and were raised by them. When she was about 11, their master died. She separated from her sisters and came to Zircon Tower to be an adventurer.

At some time after, she partied with Zircon Tower's strongest adventurer, a level 80 Pantherian Warrior, to explore a new dungeon that suddenly appeared.


Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

At Rem and Shera's urging, she refuses to enter a 《Master-Servant Contract》 with Diablo when suggested by Rose in Volume 6 despite the considerable power gain that the Upgrade Artifact would permanently grant her

Volume 7

Leaves the group in Volume 7 to enroll in the Magic Academy of the Royal Mage's Association.

Volume 10

With Diablo help she looks for the missing academy students.


Being raised by a 《Thief》, she learned the art though she professes herself as a 《Seeker》. She was about level 20. She becomes level 80 after using the 《Master and Servant Contract》.


  • 《Unlock》: Ability to unlock.
  • 《Charm》: Ability to charm others. Horun gained it as a level up bonus skill. Its level was 8 at the time she obtained it. Her buffed-up 《Charm》 Skill in Volume 6 can temporarily make her the Lust Object of any person she targets with it.
  • 《Mapping》: Lets seekers remember where they have been. Gained at level 80.


  • 《Treasure Mini》: An armor that increases speed, raises Magic Resistance and Physical Defense. It has a mini-skirt. It was given to her by Diablo in Volume 5.
  • 《Ignore Mantle》: Strengthens the Hide Skill. It was given to her by Diablo in Volume 5.
  • 《Shadow Knife》: Raises evasiveness. It was given to her by Diablo in Volume 5.
  • An iron knife: An iron knife that once belonged to her Shishou.



Mother and Father

When she was young, they were separated from her and her sisters. They may or may not have abandoned them.

Two little sisters

They and she were separated from their parents when they were younger. They were picked-up raised by a Thief until that person died. The little sisters became employees of a merchant but Horun left them to be an adventurer.



She first meets him after she had a falling out with her previous party.