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Man-Eating Woods


The Man-Eating Wood's is a forest adjacent to Starfall Tower that is filled with monsters.




Volume 1

Diablo, Rem and Shera come here to do a request from the Mage's Association to collect materials from a Madra Snake. While there, Shera senses some presences and tells the group. Diablo attacks the area where she senses them with Burst Rain and the presences revealed themselves as Elves. Shera recognizes one of them as Celsior and the latter tells Diablo's group that they came to rescue Shera, the princess of the Kingdom of Greenwood and had been miss informed by someone that Diablo was a slave trader. The Elven elite then shot arrows at Diablo but they were ineffective so Celsior used a Tempest Arrow with Charge Shot but that also came to naught. Diablo then freezes the woods scaring the Elves into submission and caused Galluk, the mastermind behind this encounter, to reveal himself. After reprimanding the Elves and then getting reprimanded himself, he runs off. After Shera tells Celsior and the other Elves that she isn't going back and to tell her brother as well, she returns to Faltra City with her companions.

Volume 3