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Medios is a slave trader.


Her dress really works to show off the breasts. The "V" of the dress reaches her waist.


While "villainy" might be a bit much, seeing as slavery is perfectly legal, and accepted, in the world setting, she admits that she keeps slaves both physically and mentally healthy because it would hurt her profit margin if they were openly hurt or abused. In fact, she claims that she treats the slaves she sells as if they were her children in an orphanage, and strives to see them go to good homes.


She and Celestine Baudelaire were taught by the same master. According to her testimony, the two of them grew up together. While Celes has exceptional talent in everything else, Medios mastered Aura Vision three days earlier than her.


Volume 2

When Diablo enters her tent, he notes that none of the slaves show signs of abuse, and are actually perfectly healthy, both in mind and body, to his perfectly understandable surprise.


She is able to see the flow of magical power. She was able to learn this three days before Celes while they were training together.


Celestine Baudelaire

She and Celes were taught by the same master and were close as sisters.