Mei is one of the characters in the series. She is the Peace of Mind Inn's idol.


She is a Pantherian young lady with light-brown hair that went down to her shoulders, yellow panther ears, and tail.

She wears maid clothes as part of her job as the manager and poster girl of the Inn, <<Peace of Mind>>.  


She exhibits an energetic happy-go-lucky persona when interacting with guests but can give out a threatening persona to put unruly people in their place. As long as she's facing a paying customer, she doesn't care about race or origin, whether Human, Pantheran, Demon or even Fallen, it does not matter to her. She further doesn't care what customers do in their rooms so long as they don't bother their neighbors, or cause property damage. When Diablo openly declares his intent to "torture" Rem, and Rem objects, rather than be concerned about the torture, she's concerned that Rem's being too loud.


In the game Cross Reverie, she is the innkeeper of the Peace of Mind Inn.


Volume 1

She appears at the reception desk welcoming back Rem. After some bandits blow up the wall to the room shared by Shera, Rem, and Diablo, and the three apologize for the inconvenience, she doesn't threaten or kick them out, but merely presents them with a bill for repairs. When Diablo realizes it's a sum they can't possibly afford, he recommends Mei take it up with the guilty parties, ie, the criminals who blew the hole in the wall in the first place, and she goes on to do so.

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4


She is good at using makeup that Diablo would exclaim that she was a Magician after seeing what she does to Krebskulm and Edelgard.