Starfall Tower is the place where Summoners summon Summons.


A stone tower located on the border of the Kingdom of Lyferia and the old Demon Lord's domain, adjacent to the Man-Eating Woods. The closest town is the Border City, Faltra. It is a point used for summoning and conducting the Enslavement Ritual. This tower is often the first destination of Summoners.


In Cross Reverie and the other world, it is the place where Summoners get their Summons.


Rem and Shera came to Starfall Tower to summon a Demon Lord for their own reasons. Rem made the summoning circle while Shera tried to summon at the same time as Rem.


Volume 1

Takuma Sakamoto awakens to being kissed by two girls, a Pantherian and an Elf named Rem and Shera who then argue who summoned him, Demon Lord Diablo. As they were about to fight each other, Diablo (acting how he does when he role-plays a Demon Lord in the game Cross Reverie) orders them to stop fighting and shake each other's hand with a smile. When they involuntary do as ordered, Enslavement collars appear on both of the girls' necks which indicated that the Enslavement ritual was reflected and the girls became enslaved to Diablo. All three would leave together to Faltra City.

Volume 3